Your Concerns ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the key differences between a BeSpoke and Made to Measure Suits?

Most of us get confused with the semantics of BeSpoke and Made to Measure at some point or the other, but don't be fooled, investing in a made-to-measure suit is not the same as investing in a bespoke suit.


High-end brands have been able to overlap the terms BeSpoke and Made to Measure, however, by offering their customers suits constructed using multiple measurements - with a few added personal touches - to create a garment that accurately fits. The truth is that made-to-measure suits still conform to a design template being mass-produced by a company to make its sales.

Brands that offer made-to-measure suits have made the process a fairly easy and a quick one for all types of men. Measurements taken by a consultant or calculated by an online tailoring system are sent off to a factory machine that is programmed to know basic proportions. In a matter of days, the suit is ready for wear. If additional alterations are required, they might be done on site, but these days little or no hand-made elements are incorporated into the assembly of a made-to- measure suit.

Ultimately, the effort in creating a suit that is unique to a single wearer is lost in the made-to-measure process. The one-on-one consultations between client and tailor are compromised to simply submitting measurements, picking a lining, choosing some buttons and possibly having the suit monogrammed. Other than that, you end up with a swatch that has been customised to fit you in the best way it can.


Buying a bespoke suit is not cheap, but nothing compares to the experience of creating a quality garment that is tailored specifically for your body and lifestyle. Unlike an off-the-rack or made-to-measure suit, every material, cut and detail used to construct a bespoke suit is decided upon multiple consultations and fittings with a trusted tailor. As Simon Crompton writes, your suit should "(be)spoken for in person."

Designing a bespoke suit requires more time and patience than a made-to-measure suit. This is because you are not buying into any sort of model or prototype. The options are essentially endless in bespoke, whereas a made-to-measure suit has limits on the adjustments available on predetermined materials. On top of all the planning involved is the extensive assembly of the bespoke suit. Every part of the suit is handmade by expert craftsman.

Beyond that, the bespoke suit is designed to highlight the best features and undermine any potential flaws of its wearer. An honest tailor will work with a client to select the shapes and patterns that suit his body and make the most flattering statements. Multiple fittings may take place along the suits construction to make sure the fit is completely accurate.

All this time and money gets invested into a suit that will last you a lifetime. Not only will the craftsmanship of the garment stand the test of time, but bespoke suits incorporate hidden material inside the jacket's lining so that necessary adjustments can be made as the body changes. This means the quality and feeling of the suit will never be compromised.

What do you mean by Bespoke and how it is different from a Pret a porter?

Bespoke is so called because when customers used to choose their cloth it was said to "be spoken for". So, a bespoke suit is simply a suit that is crafted for an individual to their own specific requirements and measurements.

Which suit is best suited to my body type?

In fact, as a part of our measuring process we gladly offer you the best style advice as per the contours of your body type, based on what will work best for you. Some styles suit some shapes better than others, and if you need advice we are happy to offer it. Our endeavor is that you have a suit reflecting your unique personality.

What is the process of Buying a BeSpoke Suit?

We ask that you book an appointment in advance with our designer. Your appointment is an hour long uninterrupted consultation, giving you the opportunity to design your suit. During your appointment, you will be shown the wealth of cloth to choose from for your suit (from the best mills in around the globe). Hence forth as a part of the measurement process, our designer will offer you the appropriate wardrobe consultation as well as the detailed guidance to pick the style as per your needs and body type.

Why does a BeSpoke Suit cost what it does?

There are really only 3 aspects of a suit that determine price;

Where it's made - all of our suits are made in Italy, by highly skilled and experienced tailors, a family run business that have been doing it for years.

How it's made - We construct all kinds of suits: Full canvas, half canvas as well as Fused. Our suits also may have a padded lapel construction depending on the customer's demand and need. For suits with canvas, a sturdy horsehair canvas is tacked into the chest of the suit, giving structure and shape that moves and moulds to your shape over time.

What it's made from - we only use the best fabrics from the mills in the UK, Italy, Australia and Paris. These mills are historically known for only using the best raw materials and have meticulously high standards in manufacturing. We use the finest Cashmeres, wools and tweeds considered some of the best in the world.

The last point to consider is rarity - your bespoke suit is yours, no one else's. Your measurements are as unique as your imagination, you will never bump into someone wearing the same bespoke suit as you.

What is the process of selecting a BeSpoke Wardrobe Consultant?

Your BeSpoke Wardrobe Consultant should have the profficiency of designing the suit that fits YOU. The USP of a well-tailored suit is not in it's fabric or style but unequivocally how it fits you.

What you are looking at in the photos below is fit. No matter what the reputation of the tailor, you will want to visually inspect his previous work. This is the most important step in being able to identify skill (or lack thereof) in a tailor. Of course to do this we need to familiarize ourselves with what a well fit suit looks like.

Examine this picture.

It's the same man, but his suit on the left is grossly oversized whereas his suit on the right is a perfect fit. Your goal at this stage is not to be an expert in suit fit, but to have a general idea of how proper suit fit looks. You want to make sure that your prospective tailor's portfolio pictures look more like the one on the right than the one on the left.

What is the benefit of dealing with the BeSpoke Wardrobe Consultant in-person over ordering a BeSpoke Suit online?

The measurements are everything. Make sure the veteran custom tailor/ BeSpoke Wardrobe Consultant himself is available to take your measurements. If you may unknowingly have your measurements taken by a less experienced salesperson (online ordering messes up this important aspect of suit-making), the suit may turn out to be disaster.

So the best fit-and highest value-will come from working one-on-one with a highly skilled BeSpoke Suit Maker.

How long it takes you to receive your BeSpoke Suit?

BeSpoke Suit is hand-crafted taking into account all the important as well as petty details. Nuances of a BeSpoke Suit require proper investment of time and finesse. So an impeccable hand-crafted BeSpoke reaches you in eight to twelve weeks.