Step 1: Initial Wardrobe Consultation
Single or double breasted, rhomboid, sword or shawl. Rhomboid and sword collar shows elegance and shawls look luxurious.
Shoulder Style: The shoulder styles of suit mainly include four:
      the first is natural shoulder type, which means it doesn't use the shoulder pads;
      the second is vertical type of shoulder. The shoulders look slightly rounded and it looks very generous wearing this type of suit.
      The third is square shoulder. The shoulder is slightly upturned, showing the soft image.

Perhaps you know exactly the style you desire but the quest to nail a perfect fit lingers on ......
Step 2: Your Style, Your Fabric
We maintain a whole assortment of fabrics, from classic gray to mesmerizing summer hues.

There is a cache of multifarious pattern swatches to assist the selection of your fabric style by you for your own signature suits and shirts.
Step 3: Precise Evaluation
The bespoke garment is principally about a flawless fit. A successful attire is based on a precise evaluation of the client's unique proportions. The principle measurements include:

Coat Length, Vest Length, Back Width, Trouser Outside Seam, Sleeve Inseam, Trouser Inside Seam, Breast Measure, Trouser Waist Measure, Overarm Measurement, Seat MeasureVest Opening, Bottom and Knee Measure
Step 4: The Final Fit
A 100% fit is guaranteed or we will re-do it until a perfect fit is achieved. Now that your measurements are on file, a second order is only a phone call away.

Our wardrobe consultants are always available to Vanraj Luxe assist you with any questions you may have pertaining to the unlimited options that are available as you take steps to build your dream wardrobe, as well as the various looks you can achieve with the clothing we have already made for you and how those articles may be coordinated in different fashions so that you may achieve different looks for all occasions.

Regardless of one's unique physical characteristics, there's always a perfect fit. It's simply a matter of good measure.